ABOUT - Fresh Catch

We fish around for news everyday, and this is our forum for commenting on it.

We're in-experienced bloggers/writers, and are still settling on the direction of this entire boat. All things considered, this is a beta version.

The main focus is politics (national and Texas). Other areas of interest include video games, music, and Austin events.

There are currently two bloggers, Hot Tuna and Fried Catfish. We both allow cats to live in our homes.

It's safe to assume that this blog will take a liberal stance on most issues, but there will be a clash of idealism and pragmatism.

Who is Hot Tuna?

Hot Tuna is not affiliated with the band, Hot Tuna.

Hot Tuna lives in Houston and Austin, TX.

Hot Tuna has a B.S. in Computer Science from Southwest Texas State University.

Hot Tuna is a programmer/analyst.

Hot Tuna is an amateur electronic music artist. You can download the last demo mix here. (Right Click, Save As).

Who is Fried Catfish?

It's a mystery.

Why does this site look so ugly?

Hopefully it won't be so bland forever.

So stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Feel free to send us an email anytime.


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