Aggie Defense Secretary Robert Gates helps us look for a scapegoat today:

When the Bush administration decided to send the additional troops, [Gates] said, “we probably all underestimated the depth of the mistrust, and how difficult it would be for these guys to come together on legislation, which, let’s face it, is not some kind of secondary issue.”

He was referring to the failure of Iraq’s parliament to pass legislation governing the distribution of oil revenue, to set a timetable for provincial elections or to ease work restrictions on former Baath party members — measures that the Bush administration considers crucial for reconciliation between Sunni and Shiite Arabs in Iraq.

Why isn't the surge working? Obviously it's not our fault, it's the Iraqi government!

Yeah, this really rests of the shoulders of Iraq's leaders. The people who knew nothing about Western Democracy or Diplomacy are now failing to meet the standards of George Bush; a man whose political powers are a result of manipulated democracy and "cowboy" diplomacy. Our President has failed to pass any substantial legislation due to his extreme partisan governance, and we're supposed to be surprised that his Iraq Project is a failure in Democracy? Nobody estimated that this could happen? Nobody?

There are multiple reasons why the Iraq government is not capable of governing Iraq. They were taught to play the game by a varsity cheerleader. The Warpublicans generated the illusion of leadership with their moralistic, rah-rah "anti-Clinton" prepubescent adulation of the Bush Regime and then attempted to transplant their "vision" to a political vacuum. Iraq's government might have been able to overcome ethnic strife if they received the proper direction from a true representative of Democracy. Instead, their path was defined by a group of people who believed their Dear Leader was selected by God to prosecute the Wretched and spread the Word of Free Markets to the Middle East.

Sorry, Mr. Gates. It was easy to estimate the difficulties of the Iraqi political process if you lived outside of the Bush Bubble. And let me help you with a bit more estimation: The "Nation" of Iraq is cannot be reconciled at this point. The ethnic clans must separate for their own safety and we will be left with a new state defined by a series of virtual borders. Once the clans define their own identity they will seek to become a single state or merge with existing neighbor states. The idea of Iraq as a united nation is nothing more than a series of visions shared by our Dear Leader and his Warpublican Flock.


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