Mark Kleinman links an excellent Chronicle of Higher Education article that sheds some light on contemporary MDMA research. All of us old club-heads remember when our scene was devastated by the Crackhouse Laws, based primarily on flawed research. Basically, venue owners could be prosecuted under the crackhouse laws because they provided an establishment that promoted MDMA use. Flawed research "proved" that MDMA literally turned user's brains into swiss cheese. Now we learn that the researchers were confusing methamphetamine with MDMA. WHOOPS!

This, of course, will not prevent conservatives from attempting to control the substances/chemicals that flow into or out of my body. MDMA and LSD are old news anyway. Today's kids are hooked on different chemicals.... the ones sold by the drug companies, promoted on television by the drug companies, endorsed by Congress(ional drug company lobbyists). Yes, today's kids aren't hooked on non-addictive drugs like MDMA or LSD. By the time they enter high school, they are offered emotion controlling substances like xanax, prozac, zoloft. Who's pushing these drugs on today's youth? Parents, television, counselors, the church, and state.

It's a changing of the guard.... Tim Leary and Ken Kesey have now been replaced by Pfizer, Inc. Even Phillip Dick couldn't have envisaged a dark future.


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