POLITICS - What Would Kerry Do?

The conservatives demand to know: What is Kerry's plan for the 100,000+ troops in Iraq right now?

This strikes me as an obtuse inquiry for several reasons.

First, Bush made the decision to put those troops in Iraq. Not Congress. Not Kerry. Not the UN. Not Saddam. This was Bush's call. Why don't we demand answers from the man responsible for placing our fellow patriots in harm's way?

Second, Bush is responsible for the lack of post-war planning. Not Congress. Not Kerry. Not the UN. Not Saddam. Again, this was Bush's call. If post-war Iraq wasn't such a clusterfuck, we wouldn't even have to ask Kerry how to get out.

Third, Bush will hand Iraq over to the IGC on June 30. Kerry's inauguration won't occur until January 2005. Unless the conservatives are interested in recalling President Bush and replacing him immediately, there's no reason for Kerry to discuss what he would do in Iraq right now. Why don't we ask Bush what his plan is? That certainly seems more important than grilling John Kerry over hypothetical situations.

To be fair, this is a legitimate issue. However, there's little use to compare John Kerry's war plans to those of George Bush's. Currently, Bush has no plan and Kerry has no plan. They seem comparable so far. If John Kerry actually has a plan, even if it is only loosely grounded in reality, he is light years beyond President Bush. I don't know if the conservatives want to open this can of worms. I suspect even Dr. Seuss could come up with something more coherent than the Bush Administration.


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