RELIGION - Neoconservatives and Neochristianity

Know thy enemy. This essay examines the history of neoconservatism and neochristianity, and explores the Religious Right's agenda to redefine America. If you aren't familiar with Leo Strauss or Machiavelli, then you absolutely need to read this article to understand what drives today's neocons.

The Despoiling of America: How George W. Bush became the head of the new American Dominionist Church/State
It is estimated that thirty-five million Americans who call themselves Christian, adhere to Dominionism in the United States, but most of these people appear to be ignorant of the heretical nature of their beliefs and the seditious nature of their political goals. So successfully have the televangelists and churches inculcated the idea of the existence of an outside "enemy," which is attacking Christianity, that millions of people have perceived themselves rightfully overthrowing an imaginary evil anti-Christian conspiratorial secular society.

When one examines the progress of its agenda, one sees that Dominionism has met its time table: the complete takeover of the American government was predicted to occur by 2004.[14] Unless the American people reject the GOP’s control of the government, Americans may find themselves living in a theocracy that has already spelled out its intentions to change every aspect of American life including its cultural life, its Constitution and its laws.


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