POLITICS - Buyer's Remorse

Ahh. Even when I feel bad about my life, I can always have a laugh at the expense of a hypocrite like Andrew Sullivan. I love this capper at the end of this post.
Those of us who supported this president in 2000, who have backed him whole-heartedly during the war, who have endured scorn from our peers as a result, who trusted that this president was indeed a uniter rather than a divider, now know the truth.

Hah. Fucking HAH HAH HAH. I knew in 1994 that Bush was a divider, not a uniter. Those of us who actually knew something about Bush in 1999 were aware that this President was going to push a conservative agenda unparalleled in American history.

But it gets better...In another post, Andrew proves that he does not understand his enemy.
I refuse, in short, to be put in a position where I have to pick between a vital war and fundamental civil equality. The two are inextricable. They are the same war. And this time, the president has picked the wrong side. He will live to be ashamed that he did.

How on Earth is Bush going to be ashamed of his actions? He doesn't answer to his parents. He doesn't answer to the American public. He certainly doesn't answer to foreign homosexuals.

George W. Bush answers only to his God, the divine being who placed him in the White House. Nothing short of Jesus personally endorsing gay marriage will change George Bush's position.

Nothing on Earth is going to shame George W. Bush. This man has no concern for the poor, minorities, education, science, real nationa security, etc. etc. If he was capable of shame, then he surely would have displayed it by now.

George W. Bush represents the extremists elements of the Religious Right. This was not a secret in the 2000 election. True, you had to look behind the veiled statements of the Bush-Cheney campaign. But they were there from the very beginning. I can understand why conservative homosexuals might be upset right now, but they certainly should not be surprised. They elected Bush. They better be prepared to live with the results of their actions.

Here's a little tip to homosexuals that is applicable to every single interest group in the nation: DON'T ELECT POLITICIANS THAT HATE YOU


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