POLITICS - I Hate Joo!!!

I occasionally go to the National Review Online's Corner to get a good laugh. Here's something that caught my eye:

The more eagerly the Left embraces Jew-hatred, the more actively it seeks to equate itself with the Jews, in effect to claim that the various components of the Left are the genuine heirs of victimized Jewry of old, rather than the actual Jews, who have turned out to be something of a disappointment.

A case in point: the spread and evolution of symbols used to identify concentration camp inmates. To equate themselves with Jews, homosexualists have adopted the pink triangle, which the Nazis to identify homosexual men, as a contemporary political symbol. Not to be left out, lesbians have adopted the black triangle, even though it was used to identify "anti-social" behavior in general. And, increasing the absurdity, some are now claiming that a burgundy triangle identified "transgendered" prisoners.

Well, wouldn't you know it, illegal aliens now have their own triangle, a blue one, which the Nazis in some camps used to identify foreign slave laborers or stateless people. The Blue Triangle Network is the sponsor of the "National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab and South Asian Immigrants," scheduled for this Friday, February 20, with all the usual boilerplate about "first, they came for the communists" and "no one is illegal," plus all the usual affiliations -- the ACLU, the Palestine Solidarity Group, La Resistencia, the National Lawyers Guild, and, my favorite, "Raging Grannies Without Borders."

I'll admit that I'm a bleeding heart liberal Leftist. However, I seem to have missed the last memo indicating that I am supposed to embrace "Jew-hatred". Do I personally hate Jews? Evidently so. To my defense, I'd say that I hate all organized religion, especially those members who seek to exploit religion to drive a particular political ideology. While I usually focus my wrath on conservative Christians, I guess I need to pay attention to these Right Wing Jews who insist on using their history as a wedge between our two main political parties.

Like most on the Right, Krikorian is distorting the issue. The Left aren't "heirs of victimized Jewry of old". The Left have inherited a history of torture and death at the hands of Nazis that is separate from Jewish victimization. Jews would like us to believe that they, and they alone, are the only ones who suffered at the hands of Nazis. However, that is not the case. Nazis persecuted a number of different groups including non-traditional women, homosexuals, and foreigners. While some of these citizens may have been Jewish as well, many were not.

To be clear, sexual deviants were categorized separately from the Jews. The Jews wore the star of David, "deviants" wore pink triangles. "Various components of the Left" are legitimate victims of the Nazis. They don't have to inherit that designation from the "victimized Jewry of old".

Some Jews, evidently including Krikorian, are only concerned about exploiting the history of the Holocaust to gain sympathy for Jews everywhere. They discredit themselves when they belittle or ignore the tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of non-Jews who died at the hands of the Nazi regime.

Then again, ignorance and hyperbole are the only reason why NRO exists in the first place. No, the left isn't embracing the hatred of all Jews. We just hate certain people who happen to be Jewish. There is a big difference.


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