Do-Nothing Congress

Well...I had a very nice blog laid out regarding the big stink the Republicans have made over immigration. I'm sure you remember it - the news was all over it, hundreds of thousands of immigrants protesting in the streets, and Lou Dobbs salivating over the sudden spotlight on his great vexation, that which keeps him awake at night. And as quickly as this topic came into the public discussion, it has swiftly exited. I read in the NYT yesterday that the Republicans have shelved immigration reform, and that the topic isn't even on Senator Frist's congressional agenda. Huh? Given the saber-rattling on behalf of the Republican'ts, you would have thought that every American's safety depended on stopping the flow of illegal immigrants NOW. How transparent the Republicans are - the November election is around the corner, and they've got to run on agendas that get their brain-dead zombies to the polls.

So what, then, is Congress working on? Iraq is on the brink of civil war, we have a milieu of problems here at home, including those poor Katrina victims, and Britney's having another baby. Yep, things aren't looking so hot for the average American. But things are about to look up for American horses, depending on if you're a lefty or righty equine. Congress is set to vote on legislation that would shut down plants that slaughter horses for overseas consumption, and effectively eliminate the practice. Watch out, the Terri Schiavo crowd is back in action!

On a personal note, I'm very happy to report that it finally rained in Austin on Monday, after more than a month of no rain at all. It's been a cool 75° in the evenings and mornings!

Best of luck with the appendage Tuna.


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