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George Will makes an amazing discovery in the NY Post:



"One study of 1,000 professors finds that Democrats outnumber Republicans at least seven to one in the humanities and social sciences. That imbalance, more than double what it was three decades ago, is intensifying because younger professors are more uniformly liberal than the older cohort that is retiring. "


Good grief.  How could it be possible that there are more Liberals in the Liberal Arts than conservatives?  Here's a dumb question:  What's the ratio of Liberals to Conservatives in the Business department? 


So why on Earth would more Liberals work for less money when their Conservative counterparts work for more money in the industrial sector?  I'm sure that it couldn't be the money.  Of course, Will is arguing that the countless Conservative social scientists in America have been denied entrance into the sacred Ivory Towers of Academia.  But is he arguing that children aren't receiving the education that their parents are buying?  No.  It doesn't matter that these people are doing their job, it only matters that there aren't enough Conservatives on campus.  Of course, the college Republican organizations are larger than ever and appear to have an equal amount of support from the students.  So there isn't a problem with the conservative message spreading to the campuses, and the kids are supporting Bush despite the ramblings of the plethora of Lefty Professors. 


Now I'm waiting for George Will to write a column bemoaning the low number of Liberals working with the President.  In his article, he says:


"There also is what Cass Sunstein of University of Chicago, calls "the law of group polarization." Bauerlein explains: "When like-minded people deliberate as an organized group, the general opinion shifts toward extreme versions of their common beliefs." They become tone-deaf to the way they sound to others outside their closed circle of belief. "


That's right, George.  And this administration has surrounded itself by so many extreme right intellectuals that they believe that their ideology is now moderate.  If George Will wants us to take his criticism seriously, then he needs to take ours to heart as well.


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