Kerry Wins Debate #2

John Kerry won the most important debate of his life tonight.

The President had lost most of his lead in the polls leading up to this debate, and I think that he displayed the disparity between his reality and those of us in middle-class America.

I think that one quote from Bush will be examined a bit thoroughly... Kerry made a remark that Bush would have qualifed as a small business owner because of $84 that Bush claimed on his tax returns. The money came from a timber-growing company. Bush was surprised and laughed... He acted like he had never heard of this tax claim, and joked to the audience "Want some wood?"

Well... www.Factcheck.Org has this:

President Bush himself would have qualified as a "small business owner" under the Republican definition, based on his 2001 federal income tax returns. He reported $84 of business income from his part ownership of a timber-growing enterprise. However, 99.99% of Bush's total income came from other sources that year. (Bush also qualified as a "small business owner" in 2000 based on $314 of "business income," but not in 2002 and 2003 when he reported his timber income as "royalties" on a different tax schedule.)

The final question posed to Bush was this:

Name 3 specific instances of when you were wrong about a decision, and what did you do to correct that decision?"

Bush gave a long spiel about being right about Iraq and Afghanistan, and claimed that she was really asking about those decisions.

Does he not realize that people MUST learn from their mistakes... That people must be able to admit their mistakes. Bush isn't a messiah, no matter what he thinks...

John Kerry was presidential, concise, and substantive. Bush was terse, anxious, and emotional.

The President's responses were driven only by ideology, and that's not going to be enough for the undecided voters. The format for the next debate favors Kerry, and a victor would be enough to swing a lot of undecided people. No undecided is going to vote for the loser of all three debates.

Of course, the spin could tilt toward Bush tomorrow... We'll have to see.


Blogger Lesley said...

are you suggesting that w is out of touch with reality, unable to look into his own past and evaluate his actions honestly? well that is just CRAZY! you should know by now that the man in charge is in charge because it is his devine right. look at all he has done for us?he communicates with the Almighty in the Oval Office! What more could you possibly need to know before you are convinced that we should just believe what we are told and offer our support, for the good of our country? aren't you one of the faithful? maybe you are...one of them. why else would you be publishing these foolish things on the "internets"?
you should come with us. drink the kool-aid.
the repugs love you.
cult member #75654
p.s. please save me, i am bound gagged and sufficiently drugged. i have been beaten repreatedly and forced to sign an oath of loyalty. rush limbaugh talks to me constantly, screaming about donkeys and lesbians chasing him away from his stash. he wants me to give him the safeword so that he can call them off. he says he needs his fix or he's going to feed me to the elephant while he rides away on a snake. they have implanted a chip in my brain. when they activate it, i believe that convince unsuspecting soccer moms and college students to put bush/cheney '04 stickers on their suv's. i think i have even put up a billboard! oh god! i am so ashamed. i am being held in a grey cubicle covered with picures of dick cheney. some of the pictures have hearts around them. i think there is a window close by, i sometime hear the sound of muffled screams and then car horns honking. please rescue me. be careful, they are more dangerous than they appear to be. and i don't think they are human. they are coming. more later.

12:34 PM  

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