You Get As Much Justice In Texas As You Can Afford

I'm not a huge fan of MSNBC or The Abram's Report, but I think that he did make a clever observation about the jurors on the Durst Case.

"I think they left their common sense at the door. And that is my closing argument."

He interviewed four of the jurors, all of whom nearly made me fell embarassed to be a natural-born Texan. The jurors were "impressed" that Durst was consistent with his story, while the prosecutors were "confusing" because they presented multiple scenarios of the crime.

These jurors readily admitted that Durst killed Morris Black, dismembered Black's body and dumped it in Galveston bay, returned to the body and cut off the head, dumping the head in New Orleans, and then disguising himself as a woman to evade police.

That's all well and good. The jurors don't care about that. The only question for the jury was :

"The question that we had to answer was ... Was it an intentional murder? Was it self defense, an accident?" -Houston Chronicle

Good question, ya'll. I'm sure that it wasn't intentional. I accidently murder people all the time and dismember the body and discard it in the gulf. And self-defense? Who hasn't had to cut off the head of an attacker's body and carry it across state lines? I mean, if it's self-defense, you really have to defend against possible zombie attacks, too.

I can't wait to see how the Houston juries rule on the on the child molestation case.


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