I don't ever follow royalty gossip, but there's some crazy stuff here. Princess Diana was videotaping interviews with staff and other people. Maybe she was going to use them as evidence in a custody case, or maybe just for the memories. Paul Burrel may or may not have these tapes now. This site, ThroneOut, has the basic layout of the scandal, with plenty of links to further explain these crazy characters. I'll go ahead and introduce three main players...

Prince Charles: You know, Dana Carvey played him perfectly as a tampon.

George Smith: Falkland War Veteran. Former valet to the royal family. He occasionally would deliver breakfast on Sunday mornings when the head butler was not at the palace. Now he is 43 years old, suffered from a nervous breakdown, and is an alcoholic.

Michael Fawcett: Mr Fawcett was a trusted aide to the Prince, having worked for him for more than 20 years. He became famous as the man who squeezed the toothpaste onto his master's toothbrush.

He started as the prince's valet and rose to become his personal consultant. He was the prince's most trusted servant, but his abrasive manner made him unpopular with other staff. .


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