The British press is getting a little helter skelter about a couple of rumors concerning Prince Charles and his former assistant. The press in the UK is restricted by libel laws, and have been skirting the issue for a while. It is about to break, and will likely destroy the entire monarchy. (Who, by the way, are still recovering from the allegations that Prince Charles is really The Tampon Prince, and Canada has abandoned the Monarchy.)

Charles "is too close to Fawcett. What can one do when your husband is in an unhealthy relationship" with a servant, Diana says on the videos, the Sunday Mirror reported yesterday. She also tells how Charles and Fawcett appeared "uneasy" after being disturbed while together in a private room, the paper claims.

The contents of the 40-minute recording were exclusively revealed to the Sunday Mirror by someone who has watched the tapes.

The video diaries are separate from the so-called audio "rape tape" which Diana made of allegations by former valet George Smith that he had been raped by a member of Prince Charles' household. On one video tape Diana talks about Smith and says how sorry she feels for his predicament.

She says that she understood that at first he was having consensual sex with a member of the royal household but that things got out of hand.

Diana says that the royal household member went too far and raped him. "It must have been awful for him," she adds.

- The Mirror


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