Matrix Codes

These are the new codes to break the 128-bit encryption at The Official Matrix Website. To enter the codes, you 'll have to follow the entire process. (I'll highlight the new codes in bold).

(You'll want to make sure that you aren't blocking cookies to the Matrix website.)

Once you're at the main hub of the website, go to the upper right corner of the screen.

Click the small yellow button.

Click the small grey box, not the grey rectangle. It will slide open to reveal a green button. Click the green button.

The Control Panel should slide down. Open the access panel by clicking on the left side on the grooves.

Enter 01101111 and a green button will light up. Click Enter.

Now for 32-bit...

Enter 0AC01BFA in binary (machine code).

(Binary is nothing but ones and zeros, so just click buttons until you have all of this.)

0000 1010 1100 0000 0001 1011 1111 1010

The button should light green and press enter.

Now for 128-bit. Enter all of these codes. This time you can see the corresponding hexidecimal code on the right of the screen.


0011 0001 1001 0101 1010 0011 1111 0110


1110 0111 0010 1011 0101 0100 0011 1100


0110 1001 0111 0111 1101 1010 0001 0110


1110 0111 1000 1001 0101 1011 0011 1110

Enjoy the Zion Archives.


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