Yay For Movie Watchers

Prevue Magazine Talks Matrix and it seems like they understand what the Wachowski Brothers were trying to achieve.

It is certainly true that many die-hard Matrix fans appreciate the mental work required to grasp the overtly complex philosophical themes dealt with. This film veers so far from the classical narrative conventions, viewers cannot passively accept the unfolding of events. Ironically, one must question the reality projected on the screen in exactly the manner main character Neo is forced to do.

Reloaded and Revolutions are very challenging films that require that the audience to participate on some visceral level. The first movie challenged the audience with Morpheus advertising, "Nobody can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." However, The Transformers, ambassadors of the machine world, have always warned us that there is always "More Than Meets The Eye". Some viewers don't really care for these revalations, and respond with white-hot rage.


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