Progressing Toward Anarchy

I have finished working on my new DJ vinyl mix. I thought it would be completed around the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately, finger surgery and physical therapy hindered progress. (And losing two record shipments kinda hurt, too.)

But enough with the excuses. I'd really like to keep working on this and perfect the mixing, but I'm ready to move onto another music project. Specifically, I'm planning to use Ableton on the next one. Actually, I may redo this mix using Ableton, because I'd love to create a digital mix and analog mix using the same source material.

Where did the name of this mix come from? Good question. Earlier this summer I called it "How To Abort Your Stepchild" because the mix had become something like a sad stepchild and I was ready to cast it out of my life. Fortunately, I looked into its little heart and realized that I really loved it. So I had to come up with another name, and I decided to take some inspiration from the tracks. The mix was always designed to transition between clubby techno and harder dark techno. Since there are a few vocals that reference anarchy, I took advantage of it. The mix starts off in safe musical territory and shifts into something a bit more dangerous. However, I think you can find moments of happiness in anarchy, and that's why the mix bounces between two conflicting styles.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

Progressing Toward Anarchy -> Right Click, Save As

For a tracklisting or another mix, visit my download page.


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