Path To 9/11

Holy moly.

Countdown (with Keith Olbermann) just ran a devastating report on the 9/11 timeline beginning with the Clinton Presidency. Devastating to the Bush Administration, that is. Even though this is all public information, the narrative has never been presented this clearly and concise.

If ... IF... If the Democrats had a national strategy they would:
1 - copy this video
2 - post it everywhere on the web
3 - have their people refer to it anytime they do media (television, radio, web, print)

The Republicans really can't defend their Administration's record on terror up to that day in September. And then the Dems just need to start a national discussion: Bush wasn't concerned about the threat of terrorism before Sept 11, and the NIE confirms that Bush's War in Iraq is increasing the strength of global terror groups.

While I'm giving out advice to the Dems, I'd like them to clear up their position on Iraq.

1. There is a difference between what we want and what we need.

2. We want to leave any occupied country where a large majority of the citizens want us to leave. Therefore, we want to withdraw all of our troops today. Unfortunately, we can't because...

3. We need to find a way to create a secure social infrastructure in the country. This means we can't bring all of our troops home today. But that doesn't mean we can't take a step back and reassess our situation.

Nobody has a silver bullet solution for this mess in Iraq. This Administration refused to listen to our nationally recognized experts before the war. We're not sure who the Administration is listening to now. Therefore, it's in the nation's best interest to elect Democrats and reinstitute our system of checks and balances.

The Dems are in a bit of trouble, because it's so difficult to change the message that 'The Dems have no plan.' Basically, because it's true. It hardly matters that the President doesn't have a plan, because he can just say 'Stay the course' even though it is quite meaningless. He never had a plan, there's no overall strategy now, and he's made it clear that the next President has to get us out of Iraq. Unfortunately, it's hard to summarize that up in five words. The best they can try to do is ask, "What is the course?" and force the President to grapple with an explanation.

But, I digress. As soon as the Countdown video is online, I'll post a link. And I should try to avoid discussing Democrat strategy, because it's a little depressing.


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