Project Jay Continues

Jay McCarroll, Season One Winner of Project Runway, shows his first collection at Fashion Week. More later when Blogger finishes updating...


Blogger Fried Catfish said...

I think it's clear, that at this point, Jay McCarroll is the only true fashion designer that PR has produced. Innovation is a hallmark of a great designer, and Jay's pieces stand out as one-of-a-kinds. His pieces are inspiring, rather than "inspired by", which seems to be the problem that this season is suffering from. In my opinion, Michael is the only one who is remotely closest to this description, but still a ways off.

I adore Uli, I really do, but I'm already just tired of her schtick. One of the dresses she made to show at Fashion Week was a direct replica of a top Alexandra wore during the first season of PR (another designer from Miami). I've never been to Miami, nor do I want to go, but I have a feeling that you'd see Uli-type clothes all over the clubs and beaches.

The same goes for Jeffrey. I like his clothes, too, but his look seems to be so LA. A true fashion designer makes clothes that are worn in the top cities of the world - Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, NYC, etc. - I just don't see Jeffrey's or Uli's designs appealing to a global fashion market.

Beh...maybe this comment should have been its own blog entry.

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