Miss Stress

Continuing my series of influential DJs, I present Misstress Barbara. I first saw the Misstress in February 2001 when she played the closing set at an Austin Music Hall party. (After Donald Glaude had jacked us up something crazy.) She devastated the floor with Thomas Schumacher's remix of Access and didn't stop until 6 AM.

Misstress made a name for herself with a hard techno sound that has evolved into a personal blend of rhythmic techno and deep house. She lost a few old fans along the way, and I even questioned the direction she was heading. In this recent set, Barbara presents an audio landscape that is minimal yet relentless. I'm glad to hear that she's back on top, and it inspires me to continue looking for compelling sounds to add to my mixes.

Loft, Barcelona, Spain August 25 2006 pt 1

Loft, Barcelona, Spain August 25 2006 pt 2

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(photo stolen from globalbeatz)


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