Speaking of lame excuses, Mark Foley is in his own league. His excuse is a complete rejection of reality, and it's an attempt to distract us from the real story with multiple counter-stories. This isn't a case of a creepy old guy abusing the institutional trust endowed upon his position; no this is a story about an a man consumed by alcoholism and the need to run from an abusive past...

This man truly belongs in the Republican party. They attempted to ignore the reality of Foley's situation and tried to weave a counter-narrative that would allow them to sleep at night. Notice how everybody in the fallout is pointing a finger at somebody else.

"Oh, I told Mr. X about this issue. I did my job."

"I don't recall having that conversation with Mr. Y."

"I was told that the appropriate action had been taken within the parameters of our established ethics guidelines."

Doesn't this remind you of Katrina, Enron, Plamegate, Abu Ghraib, 9/11 Intelligence, Iraq WMD, and just about everything else that lies within the orbit of the GOP? You'd think that the Dems could weave this into a compelling narrative that would drive a November victory, but that's a little beyond their current capabilities.


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