Don't Ask Why: The Amish

So, I recently wondered why that freaky milk truck driver Cheney'd Amish school girls. Surely this guy must have been slighted by an Amish women in his youth.

Nope. This guy's story is much, much lamer.

Basically this guy molested some family members twenty years ago when he was 12. His wife had a miscarriage a few years ago, he's been dreaming of molestation, and decided that he had no choice but to find a coven of innocent young women, molest them, kill them, and then commit suicide.

What a fucked up thought process. This guy could have sought therapy and devote himself to living above his pyschological problems, or he could take the lame way out. Of course, he was probably raised like most country boys and was told that therapy is a form of liberal denial; real men solve their problems with guns.

So there's no real connection to the Amish here except they were in a vulnerable position.


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