POLITICS - Nice Guy Georgie

Consortium News has a good article about the dirty tricks used in Papa Bush's 1992 campaign against Clinton, including the controversial search through Clinton's (and his mother's) passport information. If you aren't familiar with story, go check it out. But it includes a great little anecdote about George W. Bush, speaking volumes of his 'character'.
In early April 1986, for instance, George W. was miffed at a prediction by the Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt that Jack Kemp -- not Vice President Bush -- would win the GOP nomination in 1988. At a Dallas restaurant, Bush spotted Hunt having dinner with his wife, Judy Woodruff, and their four-year-old son.

Bush stormed up to the table and started cursing out Hunt. "You [expletive] son of a bitch," Bush yelled. "I saw what you wrote. We're not going to forget this."

Bush supporters have excused the governor's behavior that occurred before his 40th birthday on the grounds that Bush was still drinking heavily in those days. [WP, July 25, 1999]


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