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Bush and the Republican GOP have been questioning our patriotism since taking office. But the media hasn't paid attention to see if this Administration has provided full support and resources to our military.

They haven't.

Craig B. Hulet writes:
There is an army of veterans twice the size of that involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom that have lost health insurance benefits since Bush took office. As many as half a million vets are homeless. Seven VA hospitals are being closed as part of an effort to "restructure" the Department of Veterans Affairs. Meanwhile, veterans of the Iraq campaign can fall in line with over 250,000 veterans who are already waiting at least six months to see a doctor.

The General Accounting Office estimates that 20 percent of Army Reserve and National Guard personnel have no health insurance at all. Although Bush did not hesitate to send Reservists and National Guardsmen to face death in Iraq, "bring ’em on..." Bush has consistently opposed any attempt to extend full benefits to them. Bush tried to cut monthly imminent-danger pay (called combat pay by the troops) and family separation allowance. But in the most outrageous statement to date George W. Bush Jr., who did not show up when called to duty during the Vietnam war, called a proposed increase in the sum given to families of soldiers who die on active duty "wasteful and unnecessary"!

This article shows the clear contempt that this President has for the armed forces. I'm ready for Kerry or Clark to go head-to-head with Bush over issues like these:
- According to the Pentagon’s "Operation Iraqi Freedom Lessons Learned" draft report, soldiers spent their own money to get better field radios, extra ammunition carriers to help them fight better and commercial backpacks because their own rucksacks were too small. This office has heard from several troop’s families that they are buying 223 ammo clips from suppliers here in the states because the ones they are issued jam too often.

- Marine Staff Sgt. Bill Murwin was treated at a military hospital in Germany and spent four weeks at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Part of his left foot was amputated. His medical care was free, but the government billed him $243 for the food.... Then, just three days after he received his first bill for the hospital food in Germany, he got a stern letter saying the bill was overdue. It warned that his account would be referred to a collection agency." (Source: Wounded billed for hospital food, By Bill Adair, Times Staff Writer St. Petersburg Times)

- VFW officials estimated the administration’s VA budget is at least $2 billion short of meeting the demand for quality health care. That would be troopers in the lower ranks, nobody would dare cut VA benefits of the Wesley Clarks of the world.

-In the same report it was noted that "Disabled American Veterans (DAV), an organization that since 1920 has helped U.S. combat casualties learn about the benefits they have earned and how to apply for them, has been obstructed in its efforts by Mr. Bush. The Pentagon has been severely limiting DAV access to wounded veterans on grounds of "security" and protecting their "privacy." The Pentagon protects the veterans’ privacy by not allowing them to speak with DAV representatives "unmonitored." (Ibid.)

Yeah, that's right, Bush. You said "Bring It On", so we're gonna fucking bring it, bitch. And you Daddy can't buy your way out of this one.


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