POLITICS - Don't Call Him Late For Desert

Ed Gillespie on CNN's Inside Politics today:
George W. Bush faced serious danger while completing his military service. Because flying a plane can be very dangerous.

Sounds great. Let's see Bush and Kerry discuss the dangerous situations they faced while serving in Vietnam. Kerry was running a gun boat in a foreign country. Bush showed up a couple weekends and flew a couple planes over Texas and Alabama.

Hey, George. Why don't you clear up these AWOL allegations once and for all? Go back and show us the bunkhouse you slept in while serving your country. Show us your medals for facing danger. Show us the pictures that you took while in service. I mean, if they had cameras in Vietnam, surely somebody had a camera in Alabama. Let's see some of the people that you faced danger with.

Most war veterans can supply this type of information at the drop of a hat. They live with this everyday. Surely if Bush was facing danger at every step, he'd have some strong memories, stories, and service comrades.

Unless, of course, Bush didn't really go to Alabama when he says that he thinks that he may have. At the time, he was an alcoholic and a rumored cocaine user. In fact, this around the same time when he wrecked his car and supposedly turned his life around. This, he has admitted to.

Ed Gillespie points out that Bush received an honorable discharge, which isn't possible if you have been AWOL. Heh. Bush received highly favorable treatment when he was sent to the Texas National Guard to fulfill his Vietnam service duty. His attendance record is like a block of swiss cheese, and it is certainly possible that his father, a high-ranking CIA official partly responsible for allowing foreign terrorists to assasinate Allende in DC, could have worked out a deal for an honorable discharge.


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