Thomas Schaller has an interesting proposal to Howard Dean (and his supporters). If he doesn't get the nomination, he should seek a more visible, proactive role in the Democrat leadership. Forcing change in Washington is not an easy task, and it's even tougher for a Democrat President in a Republican Congress. If Dean takes a leadership role in the Dem party, somewhere in the DLC or DNC, he can bring change to the Dem party. He can help rebuild the Dem's infrastructure so they can support the small and mid sized races.
In an earlier post, I off-handedly suggested that Howard Dean - who, barring a miraculous comeback, is out of the running for the nomination - would make a great chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

I've since ruminated on the subject at great length, and am now even more convinced of the idea. Here, then, are my Top 5 reasons:

1. Dean has been complaining vociferously about the national Democrats generally, and the DNC in particular. Taking over as chair offers him the perfect opportunity to show by his actions, rather than his words, how he would improve matters.

2. Dean is so unabashed about taking the fight right into the teeth of the Republicans, wouldn't he be the perfect firebrand to hammer the GOP without relent? You know, like when they start saying things like: "George Bush served honorably because, um, well, he got an honorable discharge, didn't he?" He'd be awesome on Crossfire.

3. Dean has already taught the DNC a lesson or two about small-dollar donor fundraising, and he could implement on a grander scale what he and Joe Trippi learned in 2003 at the DNC - thereby helping the party raise money in gobs.

You'll have to pay a visit to the Gadflyer for the other two reasons!


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