Ouch, Baby. Very Ouch.

Baby Bush is bopping across the puddle to visit his boy-bitch, Blair. It doesn't sound like it will be completely "Cavier Wishes and Champagne Dreams"...

But in Iraq - as in most other things, the average American assumes - the British are our friends. Imagine the shock, then, when they see surging crowds, burning flags and (unless police step into ban it) a giant effigy of the Great Leader being toppled, à la Saddam, in Trafalgar Square.

It is not only Bush the Chicken-hawk warmonger and promoter-in-chief of the great illusion about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction who they will be denouncing. It is also Bush the ignorant, self-righteous Christian warrior, Bush the smirking executioner and Bush the believer in one law for America and another for everyone else. And, of course, Bush the "Toxic Texan", an image made flesh by the "ghost ships" bearing down on Hartlepool, whose US-produced contaminants will find a last resting place on Britain's unpolluted isle.
-The Independent UK

Is this the same British press who isn't allowed to say Prince Charles was snuggling in bed with the Tooth-Paste Butler???


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