These Headlines Disturb Me

I can't help but think that these two articles should be read together... We might be re-opening schools (that closed because of the bombings), but that doesn't seem to be enough to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis...

Iraqi Teenagers Watch as Americans Bleed

After a roadside bomb ripped through a military vehicle and wounded two soldiers, Iraqi boys rushed out of their homes to survey the damage.


Teenage boys were irritated to hear that two American soldiers were just wounded, not killed.

"I saw them pushing their hands onto one of the Americans' chest. They must have died. One soldier's friend was crying," said Abdullah Oman, 18.

His fury has been fueled by what he says is an American desire to humiliate all Iraqis.


"I want to join these Iraqi fighters. I want to hit the Americans, the infidels," said Ali Ahmed, 10.

INTELLIGENCE C.I.A. Report Suggests Iraqis Are Losing Faith in U.S. Efforts
The C.I.A. and the White House refused even to confirm the existence of the report, which was first disclosed by The Philadelphia Inquirer. But government officials outside those agencies said its conclusions were among the darkest intelligence assessments distributed since the American-led invasion of Iraq in March.

"It says that this is an insurgency, and that it is gaining strength because Iraqis have no confidence that there is anyone on the horizon who is going to stick around in Iraq as a real alternative to the former regime," one American official said.

The latest C.I.A. report follows earlier intelligence assessments that warned American commanders in Iraq of increasing resentment among ordinary Iraqis. The picture those reports presented was very different from the public view presented by administration officials.


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