POLITICS - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Lib

ABC's The Note is a great source for your daily election rhetoric. It's usually quite thorough, but they seem to have a lot of fun to boot.

Here are some highlights from today (which was been written in a curious form of Mad Lib prose):
Dan Bartlett's television appearances in the last few days make us think of a ____________ (barnyard or circus animal), but Scott McClellan's ____________ (adjective) daily briefing yesterday gave us ____________ (involuntary, violent action).

"Strong Leadership in Times of Change" is a fantastic campaign slogan because it ______________________________ (long, wonky but clever explanation).

BC04 spokesgal Nicole Devenish's position that the Bush campaign took their ad-like video off of the campaign Web site after NBC complained about the use of "Meet" footage because "it's important to have good relationships with the people who are going to cover us this year" would be best taken to heart by ____________________________ (Kerry staffer who should know better).

The thing most Democrats say Kerry lacks in order to put himself in a position to beat George Bush is a ____________ (noun), while others think he requires a ____________ (adjectival noun or body part) transplant.

Lucky for him, he will have the ____________ (adjective) David Wade with him on the road to help figure all this out.

Bush-Kerry will make the archive of the Yale Daily News ____________ (adjective), and the Bumiller-Betts relationship ____________ (adjective).

Garry Trudeau, on the other hand, will now become ____________ (mysterious adjective).

General Wesley Clark's campaign can be best summed up as ____________ (song title). Sen. Kerry's campaign can be best summed up as ____________ (movie title).

Maureen Dowd will say that Kerry is a ____________ (brand of car). The discussions within the Kerry campaign about how much access to give MoDo to Sen. Kerry will be ________________________ (adjective) and ___________________ (more intense adjective).

"90210" is to ____________ (name of current primetime "drama") as 527s are to ____________ (noun).

Rep. Kucinich is so ____________! (name of favorite soap star).

Karl Rove is so ____________! (name of adult cartoon character).


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