POLITICS - One Dean To Rule Them All

Dean, Dean, Dean.

What are you going to do to this election. Or what are your supporters going to do?

The latest tracking polls in Iowa and New Hampshire show Kerry, Gephardt, and Clark closing in on El Deano. Which is good. I'd rather vote for one of those three, instead of "The Angry Jerk". Dean's latest remarks about Wesley Clark's party affiliation is a low, dirty hit. Especially to someone like Clark who voted the Democrat ticket in the last three presidential elections. If Dean can't say anything nice, well, he can find an angry remark that effectively puts his foot square in his mouth. (As in, the Vermont Democrats accused Dean of being a Republican, too. And they actually know the guy.)

But what will happen if Dean doesn't get the nomination? Specifically, what will happen to the immense groundroots support? Will the Deaniacs back another candidate, or will they become the "Nader" bloc in the 2004 election? We're in the calm before the storm right now, and I'm afraid that the Democrats could basically write themselves out of the election without some serious effort from the DNC to reign in the losing caucus campaigns. In other words, we can't stand to lose the Clark or Dean people if Kerry or Gephardt (or Edwards) get the nod, and vice versa.

And then there's the question that nobody really wants to answer. "Is this election even worth winning?" The Republicans have delivered a fiscal train wreck to the next President, and the American public is likely to blame the next guy for the seeds of ruin planted by the Bush Administration. Should we leave them in office and let them be held accountable? If not, then we may see the Repubs right back in 2008. If Bush gets re-elected, and reaps what he has sown, then there's no way the Repubs will keep the office in 2008.

Boy, we are in an ugly situation. I can see why I'm so addicted to the alternate realities offered by video games. There's something nice about the politicos-free reality in Clive Barker's Undying (a great game that I pulled out of the vault recently).


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