POLITICS - He's Sharp

I know this may surprise some people, but I really like the Al Sharpton campaign. I specifically like his Right To Vote ammendment, I like his proposal to provide voting rights or statehood to the 600,000 residents of Washington D.C., and I like his rhetoric. He constantly speaks about supporting and strengthening female and minority rights, and he speaks from the heart on these issues, not because his campaign manager wants to secure a voting bloc.

Does Sharpton have a chance? Probably not. Does he have a couple fugly skeletons in his closet? Probably, er, definitely.

But there's something about him that I like, which is remarkable because I hate preachers and ministers. I get the sense that he is honest, and is willing to tell you the truth about a bad situation. (Unlike most preachers I've met)

I really like one of his statements that went something like "I pray to Jesus, but I don't expect to hear Jesus talk back." That's the type of faith that I want to see from my national leader, not some bullshit about "God talks to me and made ME the President."


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