The Boys Are Back

Nice win from the Cowboys yesterday. The Cowboys haven't had a winning season since 1999 when they finished 2nd in the NFC East (after a devastating loss to Minnesota). In 1999, Aikman surpassed Joe Montana to be the decade's highest winning quarterback (and still remains the highest winning starting quarterback in ANY decade in the NFL with 90 wins in the 1990s).

Speaking of 1999, Michael Irvin caught his 750th career reception at Veteran's Stadium (Philadelphia). He was tackled by Tim Hauck and suffered a devastating neck injury that ended his career. I hope that Purcells will be playing that video for the team, especially the reaction of the Philadelphia fans who not only cheered when they saw Irvin injured on the film, but they cheered when a stretcher was called to remove Irvin from the field.

The Cowboys will most likely see Carolina again in the playoffs, and we can only hope that we will fare better than we did when they knocked us in the 1996 Divisional Playoff.

Go Cowboys!

-Photo from Cowboys Plus


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