Has Anybody Checked the Temperature In Hell Lately?

The Clergy Leadership Network is a new organization hoping to become the new Christian Coalition... For the Left. Does this prove the existence of practical, logical Christians? Probably not, but it is a little exciting to surf through their site.

From their "Why We Need Change" page:

2. CLN will work collaboratively with all those who seek change in our nation's current directions and its leadership. Practically this will involve pursuing collaborative relationships with the Democratic Party, Republicans who seek change and other political groups who share these goals. However, CLN will not function as a branch or program unit of any political party and will accept no party funds at any level. It is a clergy network, not a political body. Strictly preserved independence of choice is necessary for there to be an effective clergy role involving political participation and public leadership. Any collaborative relationship can be withdrawn at any time.

From their "Issues" page:

Today we are seeing the principles and practices of church/state separation being undermined, perhaps even for election advantages. Every religious community has benefited from the absence of government intrusion into religious affairs and from the restraint on religious communities seeking special government privileges and support. This constitutionally guaranteed level playing field for all religious groups has allowed religion to flourish among us in its own integrity and by its own energy.

We have seen the Congress refuse to pass legislation supporting "The Faith Based Initiative," only to have the Administration through executive orders authorize expenditures and program supports for religious communities in exactly the ways the Congress refused. Consequently, though most of these funds are being transferred from existing successful programs, tax monies, derived from a public that includes those who oppose such funding and even those with no religious faith, are being given to religiously based programs and institutions. It violates our faith traditions and compromises democratic principles of equity and respect.

Admittedly as clergy, the issue of church/state relations is of special concern to us. We believe that separation is precious for the well-being of our country, and it must be jealously protected!


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