Happy Significant Number Event!

Well, I just missed my One Year Anniversary... One year without posting to this blog that is. In addition, this is post #250! It's such a special occasion.

So, does this mean regular blog updates in the future? Yeah. It does. But I'm a little torn on what I'll be commented about. Basically, I don't have enough time to create well-researched posts that delve into the specifics of issues. I don't even have enough time to do that on issues about the space industry even though that's my main occupation. So, this may become a blog where I complain about the stuff I know very little about, and I will link to specific posts from bloggers that I read daily.

I think the site design will remain basically the same. However, Blogger has changed a lot since I posted last and I need to make some tweaks to the template. That means the hard link and comments link may change over the next few months. And this blog may get rolled up into my main website that I am working on.

Let me explain what I've been doing during my absence. I've been working very hard. That's it. I also gained 20 fucking pounds, and my cholesterol is somewhere around 340! So, basically I'm working toward my first heart attack which should happen soon around my 30th birthday.

I should have a new techno mix to share in about a month, and I am working on a new website that will contain some of my best mixes. I learned to beat-match ten years ago this Fall. The first two records I matched were Fatboy Slim's Everybody Loves a 303 (sample here) and Josh Wink's Higher State of Conciousness. Ahh, times were so much simpler back then.

So, please forgive my absence. I needed to do some soul searching. But after a year I remembered that I don't believe in souls, and then I came back pretty quick. Expect lots of updates over the year, because I'm totally pissed about everything.

Cheers, Happy New Year, blah, blah, blah.


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