Dummy Dum Dum Rumsfeld

I previously mentioned that Rumsfeld wasn't correctly analyzing war history...

It appears that Steve Chapman seems to be voicing the same sentiments in his editorial in the Chicago Tribune. He thinks that Bush and Rumsfeld should have learned something else from previous wars.
For the American people to accept substantial outlays of blood and treasure, they have to believe the sacrifice is being made for a truly imperative purpose--not a merely desirable one. They also have to believe that the mission can be accomplished. They could believe those things for World War II and the Civil War, but they have deep doubts this time, and with good reason.

If Bush and Rumsfeld keep reading, though, they may get an insight into the resistance we face in Iraq. When Union soldiers asked a captured Confederate what he was fighting for, recounts historian Shelby Foote, he replied, "I'm fighting because you're down here."

Tough words from a former writer for the Weakly Standard, and even tougher when you consider that they come from a conservative that was born in Brady, Texas!!


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