The Lying Liars

LATimes editor John Carroll delivered a speech on ethics yesterday. He compared the work of ethical journalists with "pseudojournalists", which of course pisses off a lot of conservatives because Carroll lumps Fox News with the latter group. In fact, the speech was a scathing indictment of the practices of Fox News.

Conservative mouthpiece, Howard Kurtz, makes a valid point: But that presumes Fox is the cause of these attitudes, rather than attracting viewers who already hold these beliefs.

BET attracts black viewers, Fox News attracts hyperbolic morons. That's just the way the cookie crumbles here. I've decided not to argue the case anymore, and to avoid discussions with hyperbolic morons like Cori Dauber.

Hey Professor Dauber: If you want to believe that a closet full of pesticides constitutes an active WMD program, fine with me. Go ahead and believe everything that Fox tells you. If Fox tells you that Palestinian terrorists are the same as Al Qaeda, fine with me. If Fox tells you that anal rape is an acceptable form of US military behavior, fine with me. I sure hope that you don't have any frustrated students out there who are having trouble "blowing off steam" after finals. It'd kinda suck if they showed up at your house with a dog leash and a bottle of lube with the intent of "venting frustration". (Of course, if they did, you could just send them over to sign up for ROTC, I guess.)


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