POLITICS - Who's To Plame?

There's been some action on the Valerie Plame Leak investigation. Josh Marshall is on fire, and has provided some of the best commentary (oh, he's also one of the only people making intelligent comments on the issue, too.) (I can't wait for his primary blog coverage.)

In the last couple of days, he's really tracked the developing story.

and ending Here

John Dean ( who wrote that excellent article about the Bush's Administration's knowledge about 9/11) has also spoken about the Plame affair here:

If there is a witness willing to testify against one -- or both -- of the leakers in exchange for immunity, what then? It seems likely that Fitzgerald will move very quickly to find out if there is indeed a case to be made against the leakers. To bolster his case, he may call Novak and others to the grand jury or, as noted above, subpoena Novak's (and others') phone records over the relevant period. Even Ashcroft himself could in theory be called to the grand jury.

If this case does not make headlines in 90 to 120 days, it will be quite surprising. There has been too much high level action and Comey, a presidential appointee, knows that politically it would be better for Bush & Company to have the matter flushed out within the next few months, than to have it arise just before the November election. Needless to say, this could be an interesting year for the White House, with more than reelection to worry about.

Finally, I meant to post about this poll (via Atrios), and I think that it could signal a momentum shift in the right direction when coupled with this leak.

At least one in three Americans believe that George W. Bush should face impeachment for misleading the public and Congress about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction to create support for war on Iraq. This is a new finding from a national survey conducted by the Retro Poll organization between October 29 and November 12. The actual proportion supporting impeachment was 40% but with a margin of error of plus or minus 8%, 1 in 3 remains a conservative population estimate. "We are seeing a rising tide of public anger that no one is paying attention to", said Dr. Marc Sapir, Retro Poll's Director.


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