POLITICS - Blogger's Denial

Last night's SOTU should be a big slap to the face of the Log Cabin Republicans. Their party stood firm last night and said, "We do NOT like gay people or gay sex or gay marriage. Get the hell out of our lives. (But please vote for us)."

Ultra-Confused Advocate, Andrew Sullivan, looks for the silver lining.
If gay people have dignity and value in God's sight, why are we unmentionable? Why are we talked about as if we are some kind of untouchable? Why in three years has this president not even been able to say the word 'gay' or 'homosexual'? The reason: because Bush will not confront bigotry outright. He wants to benefit from it while finding a formula to distance himself from it. That's not a moral stand. It's moral avoidance. Still, the good and important news is that the president hasn't endorsed the Federal Marriage Amendment. The Family Research Council is mad as hell.

Oh, the life of a homosexual conservative. The desire of tax cuts is even more important than the defense of your own minority group. Tough times ahead, buddy, especially if Bush gets re-elected.

The Family Research Council is mad? Yeah, they won't be happy until the round up the gays for a new Sodom & Gomorrah BBQ. That can hardly be of any comfort to somebody who actually cares about human rights equality. Bush obviously left room for a constitutional process to ban gay marriage, including the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Andrew does come around in his next post:
Whatever else this president is, he is no believer in individuals' running their own lives without government regulation, control or aid. If you're a fiscal conservative or a social liberal, this was a speech that succeeded in making you take a second look at the Democrats. I sure am.

Bush's address played extremely close to his fundamentalist base, and I suspect that there will be some renewed interest in the Democratic candidates' messages. Emperor Bush hasn't had any clothes since the day he stepped into office. Andrew has a tough road ahead, because he has received considerable attention from the conservative press. (Gay republicans stick out like a pink thumb.) But I, as a South Park Democrat, would be glad to have him on the good side.


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