POLITICS - Fill In The Blank

Fill in the following blank with one of the two names: Bush or Clinton

President ______ has used his three State of the Union addresses to set ambitious goals, but the Republican-dominated Congress has balked at large segments of his domestic agenda over the past three years.
- Washington Post

If you guessed Clinton, you're wrong.


Many congressional aides interviewed for this report acknowledge that several of the White House's proposals have little chance of passage this year, no matter how hard the president pursues them.

I suggest reading the entire article. Basically, it seems as if the majority of Bush Administration domestic proposals are based largely on rhetoric, but no substance. Bush proposes Moon bases or changes in Social Security, but doesn't deliver anything on paper that they can try to push through Congress. Even after all the talk about social security during his 2000 campaign, he has yet to write up a draft of his proposals.

Tonight, you can expect Bush to ratchet up the terror hyperbole. Rove knows that Bush's re-election chances will be stronger if we're in a state of perpetual fright. Will the nation buy his snake oil again? We'll see, but moderates must be getting a little wary of bush-speak by now.


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